What else does Jo film?

I love filming weddings, and I want to continue to film as many as I can, but I also believe that having a strong background in documentary film makes me a good wedding videographer.

If you are thinking about choosing your wedding videographer, I think it’s important that they are someone with a background and knowledge of films and the impact that they have. When I’m choosing what to film, I approach it as a documentary so that each film is unique in its style, which will always be influenced by the couple.

I like to focus on the everyday aspects of life and to find the extraordinary in the ordinary. I think that this is why I love weddings so much; it’s a chance for everyone to celebrate their love in the most extraordinary way!

So why not take a look at my other work, get to know me, and what goes on in my little world… You could do with a break from wedding planning anyway!

From magicians to car parks, cinemas to charity shops, I hope you enjoy watching a little of what I’ve made and you can check out more on Vimeo.